"You like me! You Really Really like me!"
-Sally Field

I've worked with many wonderful people.  Here is what they say about working with me...

"Rachael is a diligent and amazing Presence to have in your company. She worked tirelessly to support the Program and Operational staff at Tariq Khamisa Foundation with an absolutely amazing attitude. Her willingness to take on any task and maximize the learning opportunity is part of the core of who she is. She brings her kindness and her compassion to the context and those that work with Rachael will so enjoy the empathetic backdrop she brings to her get-it-done-for-you style.”

Maggie Miller, Director of Programs, Tariq Khamisa Foundation

“If you aren't currently doing an ezine you need to consider it. Rachael is my Constant Contact expert and she does everything for me from design, edits, suggestions, reports, and beyond. I don't have to do anything but share my content each month and she makes it happen. My ezine pays for itself every month and helps me to grow my business on many levels! If you are low-tech like me ~ Rachael is the BEST! I'm so proud to have her on my team! She has my 5-star rating!”

Kathleen Ronald, Speaktacular

“I had a pleasure of volunteering at a large event which Rachael was coordinating in early 2009. Rachael was not only fun to work with, but also extremely professional. As a nature of such event, we experienced many unexpected issues and received tons of questions from the attendees before and during the event, and Rachael handled all of them without ever panicking or getting upset. I would say the event was a huge success mainly thanks to Rachael's hard work. Thank you, Rachael, for a great opportunity to learn from you!”

Mika Howard, Owner, MTH Virtual Assistance

“I have used Rachael Davila's services for many years. She is the single most effective tool in our sales and marketing arsenal. Her skills have brought us kicking and screaming into the modern age. She is both enthusiastic and persuasive and her manner appeals to everyone in our company.

Rachael has a strong command of modern marketing techniques, something that our organization has lacked. She also brings a disciplined approach to our sales effort by setting and managing appointments and territory. Our sales staff would be much less effective than we are without her help.

I strongly recommend her to any interested organization.”

Nowell C. Wisch, CEO, Don Shimoda LLC

“We are a Manufacturer’s Representative for suppliers of Promotional Products representing 6 -8 manufacturers at any given time and covering 11 Western states. Rachael approached us about being our Virtual Assistant to help make appointments with the approximately 3,000 distributors of Promotional Products in our territory. She made appointments for us, set up a master calendar that we all had access to, followed up to confirm appointments and sent requests for samples to our Manufacturers after each appointment. She also developed our website and sent out emails through Constant Contact to the distributors to let them know about Specials. Her organization and marketing expertise let us focus on our job of meeting with the distributors and promoting sales. We worked with Rachael until we had to retire for health reasons.”

George Stubbler & Gibson MacDonald, George Stubbler Associates

“I can't thank you enough for all that you've done during the short time we've worked together. Having you on board has enabled me to be more relaxed about my work week and more focused on client meetings and follow up calls. Your nature is calming and your organizational and follow through skills are extremely efficient. You've done an amazing job of finishing up loose ends and it will be easy for me to carry on with the information you've provided.

I wish you all the best in the future and will keep you in mind if the opportunity arises again for us to work together.”

Andrea Bruno, DAPS