Do you feel overwhelmed by the clutter and chaos of your home or business?
Are you having trouble overthinking about where to start getting organized?
Do you get frustrated trying to find an improved way of doing something, only to revert
back to old ways?

In-Person support I can help with:

  • Room, desk, etc. Space design
  • Preparing and maintaining paper filing systems
  • Tips and tricks to handling mail
  • Sorting
  • Purging/donating
  • Finding items a home
  • Figuring your natural inclinations and designing around them
  • Motivation/Cheerleading
  • In-person assistance and support
  • Contact me with your project to see how I can help!

Did you ever see the movie “Sixteen Candles?” Remember the scene when Jake Ryan emerged the morning after the party at his house and the devastation he encountered? At twelve years old, my first thought at seeing that scene was- “I want to clean that up!” Not your typical response.

Over the years, I’ve been drawn to organizing gadgets and containers. Since I was a kid, I’ve helped my friends clean their room and I’ve helped family declutter and clear their physical spaces.

Now I offer this same support I’ve been doing for them, to my clients. In my experience, organizing goes much further than simply cleaning off a table or adding a shelf. Many times it’s discovering what systems are naturally working for you and then uncovering ways to make them fit into your life. It’s not always about changing current habits, but setting up systems to make them work for you rather than against you.

I offer an hourly rate or packaged discounts. Click here for more information

Contact me with your project to see how I can help!

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