My Process

Working with a VA is not like working with an employee. For starters, a VA is a highly trained, self contained business owner working in partnership with another business owner. As such, I have a process I take potential clients through to determine if we are good match. You wouldn't want to go into business with just anyone and neither would I. So I want to make sure my new partner has the same values that I have and is looking for the same things in me as I am looking for in her/him.

To start with, I look for the positive in all people, places and things and strive to maintain a positive attitude. I love a sense of humor and like to laugh. My ideal client is someone looking for a positive person, who has a solid business and is looking for someone to take some day-to-day tasks off her plate in order to have more time to spend on the big picture, she can fit my fees into her budget easily and has enough work to fill the hours of my retainer.

It takes time to build a foundation under strong relationships. To get our relationship off to a strong start, I have a 3-4 step process

Step 1: Casting Call. I'm looking for the right partner to work with just like you. You wouldn't hire just anyone to work with you and neither will I. My initial assessment questionnaire is used to determine if we should move onto the next step.

Step 2: Discovery Call. This step is optional. Since I meet most prospective clients face to face. We already have talked and connected. But if you are just meeting me for the first time or we've only communicated by emails, this is the time where we hear each other for 15-20 minutes to see if we like talking to each other. We don't talk about work, we talk about life. Yours...mine...ours.

Step 3: Initial Interview. You've made it to the next round. During this 60 minute call, we'll go over the practical issues and logistics of working together. We'll see if the work you need is the work I do. If we're still compatible, then we'll move on.

Step 4: Deeper Interview. Since we're going to be entering a business partnership, this 90 minute call, is where we'll see if our values and ethics match. Are we comfortable entrusting our businesses to each other? If yes, then let's work together.

If you reached this far and are interested in working together.  Please send me an email or call me at 619-928-2479 and we'll get the ball rolling.

Rachael Davila photograph