FAQ on Virtual Assistance

What is a Virtual Assistant (VA) ?
 Virtual Assistance is a new profession in the administrative field.  A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a small business owner offering a supportive administrative relationship with other small business owners, entrepeneurs, and busy persons without needing to be physically located in the client's office.  Communication is done virtually, via phone, fax and email allowing the clients and the VA the ability to work from anywhere. 

Why work with a VA instead of hiring an administrative assistant?

As you grow your business, there will come a point when you realize that you can't do everything.  Unless you are in an administrative profession, doing that type of work is taking you away from the money making side of your business or your family and friends.  By working with a VA, you can hand off the administrative portion and focus on what you're really in business for. 

The benefits to working with a Virtual Assistant are:

She works in her own space and provides her own office equipment and supplies
She pays her own taxes and benefits.
She only bills you for time worked on your projects, no paying for down time, breaks or sick/vacation time.
She is committed to "your" success.
She learns your business and represents you professionally.

A VA may not be a good fit for you if:

You need someone immediately available to you.
You are coming from a place of emergency and need tasks done "now"
You want an "employee" and are not looking for a partner
You work best in person
You have a hard time communicating
You are not ready to share your goals, hopes and dreams and work toward them.

Still have questions?  Call me at 619-928-2479 and I'll be happy to answer them.

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