About Me

Hi! This is Me, Rachael.

From the time I was a young child, I’ve loved organizing. My favorite time of year was back-to-school shopping for supplies and putting my binder together. I would help my friends clean and organize their rooms when I came over, and my poor roommate in college never came home on a Friday without my side rearranged. In school, I loved helping my teachers. I loved collating work packets, writing on the board, or grading papers.

When I started my journey in college of what I wanted to be when I grew up, I learned how much supporting others was ingrained in my being. The only degree I found that encompassed what I’d been so passionate about was teaching. Growing up in a family of teachers, I knew it was worthwhile career, but not for me.

On accident, I discovered the role of a stage manager in the theatre world and I was hooked! The stage manager is the administrative assistant for the production. From creating initial design meeting agendas, taking notes and handling follow ups, to calling the shots after the producers and director go home after opening night, the Stage manager is the center of the production wheel. I LOVED IT!

After college, working in theater was fun but incompatible with the needs of my growing family. I took the skills I had learned working with numerous directors, designers, and actors to the non-profit and corporate world. Not as different as you might imagine...the information changed, but the same kind of work. STILL, I LOVED IT!

Factoring in a husband and two children, I was happy assisting my peers. When the company I worked for downsized, I took the opportunity to find a job that would allow me to do the work I loved and  have the flexibility my young family needed. AssistU and the Virtual Assistance Profession gave me that and so much more. I learned I could become my own business owner, take on clients who valued and appreciated what I did for them, all while doing the kind of tasks I loved, SO COOL!!!!

Since opening my doors in 2005, I have worked with amazing business owners from all kinds of industries, some I knew well while others were completely new to me. Over the years, I’ve learned so much on this amazing journey, one I’m grateful to still be on.

Today, I live in San Diego, CA with my amazing husband and two wonderful children. When not creating value for my clients, I enjoy spending time at home cuddling with my family, organizing Girls Night Out with my friends, reading a good book or writing the romance stories that have yet to be written.

I'd love to see if the work you need is the work I do. Check out my site and if you feel we’d be a good fit, please connect with me.




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