“Because Connections Matter”

Extra Hands! helps clients clear, create and connect. Let us help you:

Clear: Whether you need help clearing clutter from your physical space or clearing your to-do list of time-stealing administrative tasks, Extra Hands! can help you organize your home or take over the distractions that weigh you down from doing the things that make you feel energized.

Create: It’s not just about what we can take off your plate, Extra Hands! likes to create pleasing environments that make you want to step inside, set up systems to keep you from taking on more than you should, and using our design skills to create marketing materials to get you noticed.

Connect: Staying in front of clients is your most important job as a business owner. Extra Hands! can help with scheduling, setting up social media plans, or finding the right promotional gift or giveaway with your name on it.

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If after all that you still want more, contact me because we really should connect!

Thank you for taking time to check out my site! Your time is valuable and I appreciate you spending some of it getting to know me.

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